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Great cover

Great fit for my iPhone XR !


I like the case ability to stand although the stand refused to lock in place after just 3 months. Should have been replaced under warranty free of charge. I accepted the discounted replacement.

Great case

Great fitting case. Quick devivery.

Case didn’t fit phone well

I generally like the protective features of this car, but the front protective screen didn’t fit well. It left bubble like spaces in the front that made it difficult to use with protective covering. The kickstand tends to break often as well.

Did not fit.

It was too small for my xt2311dl. The case is very rugged that performs a variety of tasks. Would have been very useful, had it fit.

Poor customer support.

Unfortunately this business does not respond to customer support emails so I will characterize their service as poor customer support.

Love my phone case

I have purchase this for my phone and it has been great protector for my phone. I have dropped it many time and never damage my phone. Unfortunately, I cleaned the sticky part of the fingerprint and it stopped working. However, customer service was really helpful and got a replacement. Customer service is superb! I highly recommend this case for anybody that want to protect their expense phones.

Lacks clear instructions.

The product itself is very nice but the lack of clear instructions made installation take forever. This was the extent of their instructions as seen in the picture. I even went to the website to see if by any chance there would be an installation video but sadly, no. Again, the product itself is very nice and very pleased with it. A video would have made this product so much better hence the 3 star review.


Case looks great, EXCEPT there was no camera part cover in the package.

Great at first, but a question arises with time.....

A had a great experience with the fntcase for my Galaxy S22 Ultra, so I of course immediately order one for my new S24 Ultra earlier this year. My initial experience with the new case was similar. However, I recently have found occasions when the lens cover had opened without my touch. Protection of the lens cluster had been a prime factor in my choice of the fntcase. Now I find that the lens cover moves at least a millimeter even when in the "closed" position. If this situation deteriorates further, I may have to find a new case.

Seems adequate

The case fits very well. It seems like it can take an impact, don't know bout heavy impact of course and hope not to find out!!


This is now my new favourite case. I also have a caseology athlex which is grippy but minimal front lip protection. My spigen liquid air is loose fitting and minimal lip protection and then my Vena Outcross is sturdy well built, excellent lip projection but it slides on hard surfaces.
This case is sturdy, fits extremely well, acceptable grip and has excellent lip protection. I am so pleased, I am considering buying a second case in a different colour. Well done.

Excellent bumper, and I was very good informed about the journey of the bumper from china to my home address

Galaxy A54 5G 6.4 Inch Military Bumper Textured Rugged Cover With Kickstand

Evening is Excellent
But I notice the kickstand breaks fast, this is my 2nd case I'm on.. I love the case, just have to be easy with this case....


This case could be so good! The design is slim, and the kickstand does well to stand the phone up vertically as well as horizontally without wobbling! I previously had a more expensive case for this phone that wobbled horizontally on the kickstand. So it's great design here that there is no wobble eithee way on the kickstand.

However, the kickstand clicks in very loosely, and feels cheap and weak. If you buy this case, prepare to accidentally open the kickstand lots of times when you pull it out of a pocket or bag. Then you need to carefully fix it before you keep pulling out out, as the cheap plastic feels like it will snap at any moment. Prepare for the kickstand to swing open during normal light use too - it really is awful.

But hey, if the kickstand feels cheap, its because it is. You get what you pay for here. I've learnt my lesson and will be spending more on cases in the future.

good case

It's a fine case. My only issue is that the screen protector cover has permanent marks on it from the sticker on there. You'd think you could clean it off but no. There's a permanent circle mark from the thumbprint sticker that just won't come off. It's almost like the plastic protector is made to have a circle on it. It's annoying and ruins the case. Buy the more expensive one that has a belt clip. It comes with a cover with no plastic screen protector and one with the plastic screen protector. That one is a 5 out of 5. This one is unusable, but luckily I was able to reuse my old cover with no plastic. Kickstand also loses its strength after a while. Hence why I could reuse the cover of first one I bought. Needed a new kickstand case.

Great protective case - also great vendor selling them....

I bought my first FNTCASE for my iPhone 14 Pro last year and loved it. It is really protective as I am somewhat abusive to my phone and, thanks to the case, it has ZERO imperfections after a year. At some point I got some automotive chemicals on the screen protector portion of the case (I work on classic cars) and it marred (stained?) the clear protector with little imperfections that made the phone screen a little hard to read in direct lighting. So, I wanted to just order the screen portion of this case but it was not sold separately. But, thanks to a great company selling them, they made me a deal on a complete case and shipped immediately even though it was NOT something any screen protector could have resisted - acid. Obviously, I now keep the phone away from the work area where I use chemicals and definitely recommend this case and seller. Awesome product well worth the money.

Solid case

Very well made, perfect size, tight tolerances, heavy but powerful protection. Better looking in life, good price. Buy it, stop wasting time searching, you'll be glad you did.

received a14g/5g aand cannot separate the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great holder

This is a great holder for your phone and the price of it makes it even better.

great fit

Fits like a good glove. Cutouts line up and tight fit.

Nice case, good quality

Thanks FNTCASE, this is a nice case, it fits well and protects my handset without making the whole thing too bulky. Delivery to the UK was 7 days in total from the the point of ordering, quite impressive when you consider it came from the other side of the world. The tracking of the delivery was good too. I highly recommend this case and would buy again. 😊