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FNTCASE breaks the status quo of mobile phone cases

by FNTCASE Official 20 Dec 2023 0 Comments


The status quo of the mobile phone case on the market: it cannot protect the whole body of the mobile phone, the function of the mobile phone case is single, and it cannot be supported on the table, resulting in poor viewing effect, unable to free hands, and unable to provide convenience for field and outdoor work. The appearance is featureless and the same.

Are you afraid of:
1. Afraid of the phone turning yellow?
2. Want to watch videos but can’t watch them with one hand?
3. Afraid of scratching the phone lens?
4. You have a lot of things in your hand, but it is inconvenient to hold a mobile phone, but there is nothing you can do?

Don’t be afraid, these FNTCASE have been considered, all FNTCASE mobile phone cases have passed the SGS drop test with the highest total number of feet,
In order to “protect the phone”, it really deserves its name.
If you know FNTCASE, you’ve seen their logo: Little Bee. Then you may know the philosophy of the founder of FNTCASE:
They insist on making mobile phone cases with the largest functions to meet the needs of almost all consumers, pay attention to cost performance, protect your mobile phone, and cover almost all usage scenarios.

For example, several mobile phone cases of FNTCASE can solve almost all your problems:

If you want to watch the video, you have to hold it with your hands. After a long time, my wrists are sore. Leaning the mobile phone on the cup will free your hands, but it will fall down because the mobile phone is unstable against the cup.


FNTCASE push window bracket mobile phone case to solve the problem:
1. Provide full body protection for mobile phones. The whole body is made of PC and TPU materials, which is strong and durable. The grip feels great and is addictive. The grooved airbags at the four corners have a unique shock-absorbing effect.
2. Built-in screen protector (with sensitive touch performance, but if you don’t want to use the built-in screen protector, you can also choose to stick a tempered film yourself).
3. Built-in support frame for front/side support.
4. The sliding window function can better protect the camera, dustproof and explosion-proof.

 back clip phone case is also here:
Own two brand new cases at once! Why do you say that?
1. In addition to the stand function, there is also a 360° back clip: it can be rotated as you like, can be used as a waist clip, and can be carried around without holding a mobile phone. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities, travel, and even crazy jumps at music festivals.
2. After removing the back clip, it becomes a vertical phone case, suitable for any indoor scene.

FNTCASE has many other mobile phone cases, so I won’t make too many recommendations here. If you want to know more, you can go directly to the brand official website:
In addition, their after-sales service is also very good. Product problems can be easily solved by contacting FNTCASE official website customer service.
Go out and play with your FNTCASE!

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