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IPhone 15 Predictions Fntcase

by FNTCASE Full auth 04 Jul 2023 0 Comments

In the past

SYNMPOSIUM analyst Dan Ives predicted: before the launch of the iPhone 14 last year, it was revealed that the prices of the full range of iPhone 14 would rise in the international market, and it was finally confirmed that it was indeed true. Consumers in Europe and other countries have reported that the iPhone 14 series has seen a sharp rise across the board. But in the United States, the change in the dollar at that time seems to have remained unchanged.

According to the forecast of SYNMPOSIUM analyst Dan Ives

the average selling price of the next generation of iPhones will increase (iPhone 15 series). But I think the situation this time is different from the previous iPhone 14 series: Even in the United States, the pricing in US dollars will have a certain increase. In addition to Dan Ives, other analysts also mentioned that this time The Iphone 15 series will increase in price by 20% compared to the previous generation iPhone (about $200). Especially in pro and pro max there will be a more obvious increase. Even in this case, Ives is still optimistic about Apple's stock price. He believes that the iPhone 15 series will still sell very well, and he is still very optimistic about Apple's development.

Why does he have such a view?

According to the data, there are still 250 million iPhone users who are still using very old iPhones. It just so happens that the entire series of iPhone 15 has a dynamic island, and the design of pro and pro max will also undergo relatively large changes. The important part is that many nail users are waiting for the change of USB Type-C, which also forces many nail users to buy after this iPhone interface change.

However, Apple has not yet determined whether to increase the price of iphone15 and 15 plus, because these two models are originally mid-level entry-level models. And last year, the performance of iphone14 did not improve much. If the price of iphone15 and 15 plus still increases at this time, most consumers will not pay the bill, and sales will be very bleak.

This Function Of Iphone15 Is Gone?

At first, the iPhone 15 planned to use the previous lighting interface, and later changed the lighting interface of the entire line to a type-C design, which means that the lighting interface has become a thing of the past. According to the regulations of the European Union, they have to replace all the charging ports of the iPhone with Type-C ports by 2024 at the latest, which means that Apple's charging power will be improved and it can be connected to the Hub!!!

(Many Apple fans said they are used to using Apple's lighting interface)

A whistleblower said (forecast data, reference):

The iPhone 15 will remove the physical buttons and replace them with touch switches: the up and down buttons of the sound and the switch buttons.

However, according to the latest statement from guo analysts: Apple encountered some problems during the trial production of buttons with touch-sensitive pressure design. They may not have the confidence to control these problems in mass production, so this part was canceled first. and volume keys will be changed to physical key design. However, the knob of the volume switch will be replaced with a push-type physical button.

The appearance of iphone15pro is similar to that of iphone14pro, but the chip will be upgraded to A17, and with the transmission interface Type-C this time, it will get a qualitative improvement in terms of processing and file transmission.

The probability of using USB-4 for the interface of iphone15 pro max will be relatively high, because USB-4 can support many and wide specifications, so it may have a transmission rate of 40G, and even the charging power of 18w will be increased to 20w/30w or even 60w , but with Apple's previous tonality, 30w will be more likely. In addition, the screen frame may be narrowed a little bit, which will also give a relatively large improvement in visual experience.

Software improvements:

Iphone15 and iphone15 plus use A16 processor,

iphone15 pro and 15 pro max use A17 processor.

The biggest highlight of iphone15 pro max this time (the focus of this update is on this model): periscope lens and 5x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom, if you use it to shoot the moon, you will get better A more realistic photo of the moon from Samsung's periscope lens.

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