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Samsung Galaxy Flip vs Fold: What's The Best Foldable Phone For You

by FNTCASE Official 23 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Bringing with them innovative bendable displays, cutting-edge cameras and productivity hacking optimisation, the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 are the latest folding phones to join the Samsung Galaxy Z series. Here we explore the key differences between the Galaxy Flip and Fold range to help you decide which Z series smartphone is right for you.

1. Flexible hinges

The Galaxy Flip and Fold phones set new standards of design with their innovative hinges and flexible glass displays but a key difference between the Fold and Flip is how they bend.

Samsung Galaxy Flip phones bend on a clever horizontal hinge to create a compact device measuring approximately 4-inches. This makes them the perfect size for slipping into a pocket or popping into a purse on a night out. Flip it open and you’ll have a full-sized smartphone giving you plenty of space for work and play.

By comparison the Galaxy Fold phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold4, have an innovative vertical hinge that folds just like a book. When folded you still have a full-sized smartphone measuring 6.2-inches on the front; unfold it and you’ll have an immense 7.6-inch main display – that’s the same size as a small tablet!

2. State-of-the-art design and durability

The Galaxy Flip series is created especially for those that are style-centric and fashion focused. There is an incredible choice of different colourways that allows you to truly reflect your personality. With the addition of the Galaxy Z Flip Bespoke Studio, you can personalise your phone to express who you are in the most exciting and stand-out way. By comparison the Galaxy Z Fold has a smaller choice of classic colours such as Black, Purple, Pink and Blue for the Galaxy Fold4. Both of the Flip and Fold series share the same exceptional levels of durability with an IPX8 water resistance accreditation, meaning you can unfold even if you are caught in the rain. Crafted from tough, durable materials you can have peace-of-mind that both smartphones are super strong, yet lightweight.

3. Advanced folding displays

Both the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold series boast optimal Samsung Dynamic AMOLED 2X display technology and benefit from two separate screens – the main and sub display.

However, the size of the display differs between the two models with the Galaxy Z Fold series having larger screens overall.

If you are looking for a device that is optimised for getting things done, be it work or play, the Samsung Z Fold series is the best choice for you. There are two cutting-edge displays offering exceptional versatility and adjustability. The front display measures 6.2-inch and has all the functionality you except from a smartphone. Open the Fold and you’ll unveil an epic 7.6-inch screen that brings productivity hacking features to the palm of your hand. With 2 app multi-tasking you can work across documents, stay connected while you stream and even write notes while on a video call. It’s like having a powerful PC in your pocket!

In comparison the Galaxy Z Flip series has a smaller cover and main display. The useful cover display measures 2.1-inches on the latest Galaxy Flip4 and is designed for interacting with several widgets, including weather, notifications and music playback. When opened it reveals a full-sized smartphone, measuring 6.7-inches.

Both of these displays are made using highly engineered Corning® Gorilla® Glass that can bend and flex thousands of times over, enabling effortless hands-free video calling, multi-angle image capturing and easy multitasking. Find out more in our How do foldable phone screens work? guide.

4. Exceptional cameras

Samsung Galaxy phones boast some of the best camera technology the industry has to offer and that’s certainly true for the premium Galaxy Z series. Both the Flip and Fold phones have exceptional video and photo capturing technology but here’s how they differ.

The Samsung Fold series has a larger number of pro-grade cameras in comparison to the Galaxy Z Flip series. The Galaxy Z Fold4 for example, has a sensational 3-lens rear camera set-up including a 50 MP Main camera, 12 MP ultrawide lens and a 10 MP telephoto lens. There’s also a 10 MP cover display camera for stunning selfies and an innovative 4 MP under display lens.

You’ll find three top-quality cameras with the latest Galaxy Z Flip4. There’s a 12MP Ultra-wide and 12MP Wide-angle on the rear and a 10MP front camera. What makes the Flip series so versatile is its ability to capture incredible hands-free images with Flex Mode. You can simply adjust the camera to your desired position and it will hold steady at any angle. Whether you’re looking to take a Top-Down Front capture or a Quick Shot without even opening your phone, the Galaxy Flip series really opens up a world of unique expression in photos and videos.

All of the phones in the Galaxy Z series have an amazing selection of smart camera features. Whether you’re looking to take stunning portraits, captivating landscape shots or insta worthy selfies the Galaxy Z series will take your images to the next level. To find out more about the different camera modes available check out  ‘What are the different camera modes and how do I use them?’ guide.

5. Productivity boosting features

If you’re all about multitasking and working on-the-go, the Galaxy Z Fold series is the best choice for you. With the ability to operate and interact with multiple apps on the screen at the same time, the latest in the Samsung Z Fold series is a powerhouse smartphone.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 has been optimised for productivity apps such as Microsoft Office and Samsung Notes. You can even drag and drop between documents while working across apps. Unlike the Samsung Z Flip series, the latest Galaxy Fold models are also S Pen enabled, with the slim 1.5mm pen tip and 4,096 pressure levels you can write and draw as accurately as putting pen to paper. Designed to fit naturally in your hand for long periods of time the smart features like Live Message, Smart Select and Screen Write make working on-the-go a pleasure rather than a chore. You can find out more about the benefits of the S Pen in our What is the S Pen and how do I use it? guide.

6. Long-lasting Battery

With our phones needing to do more than ever before, you need to be sure that they will stands up to the demands of the day. Whether you’re working from home, recording a vlog or catching up with friends the Samsung Z series comes with batteries that are built to last. If you’re looking for the Z series phone with the biggest battery, look no further than the Galaxy Z Fold4 at a massive 4,400mAh. However, both the Samsung Z Fold and Z Flip will remain powered throughout the day, and with its smaller display, the intelligent 3,700mAh battery found in the Galaxy Z Flip4 adjusts the power depending on your usage habits so you can be sure you’ll have power for when you need it.

7. Graphic intensive gaming

If you’re looking for best Samsung Z series phone for gaming look no further than the Galaxy Fold series. The latest Galaxy Z Fold4 boasts is designed to make your mobile gaming the most immersive yet. With the internal Dynamic AMOLED 2x display measuring an immense 7.6 inches there is plenty of screen space to see all action. Even more impressively, the Galaxy Z Fold4 can produce a 120Hz refresh rate without having to alter the screen resolution. Your game playing is optimised on the bigger screen meaning that you can fully appreciate every movement.

What’s more, the upgraded Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in the Fold4 has no trouble at all keeping up with demanding mobile games. This phone is capable of playing games whilst also allowing you to browse the internet and watch YouTube videos, making it an extremely versatile option if you’re looking for a superb gaming phone that’s also great for multitasking.

8. Galaxy Ecosystem

Both the Samsung Z Flip and Fold series seamlessly connect to other devices within the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem. The Samsung ecosystem is designed for your Galaxy devices to cooperate with one another thanks to app continuity. Whether that’s using a Samsung Tab as a second screen or connecting your Galaxy Watch5 Pro to your Samsung Z Flip4 for guided workouts, the Galaxy Ecosystem is designed to make your life smarter not harder.


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